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2 gennaio 2010

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Inspectoratul Şcolar Judeţean Vrancea
Inspectoratul Şcolar Judeţean Vrancea

Inspectoratul Şcolar Judeţean Vrancea

Romania | Educazione
Vrancea County Education Superintendency  offers to those interested, teachers, pupils, parents, mass-media, rapresentatives of the communities, informations regarding the main aspects of its activities. The website places at your disposal all the informations about:management, curriculum, human resources, educational activities, schools networks, the school plan, proffesional development, programs, projects, exams/competitions, social protection and educational support, quality standard, special education and centers of excelence. ®2023 | Ultimo aggiornamento: 08:00 - 01/01/1970 (UTC/GMT) | Risoluzione : 1024/768 | Torna su
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