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Ethical Charter and commitments for members of the Base Team

March Day 93 !
October 2, 2009
January 2, 2010

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Ethical Charter and commitments for members of the Base Team of the first World March for Peace and Nonviolence

The World March for Peace and Nonviolence, through its members and participants, is committed to promoting an image of respect for others and the environment in general.

As a consequence, we, as members of the base team and participants throughout the whole of the March or in some sections, must be conscious that we share a common responsibility for the success of our mission and the future of our planet.  The achievement of human peace depends on becoming conscious of each member of the human species, starting with ourselves.  It is fundamental that each member of our team of marchers is permanently aware of their responsibility for the correct development of this collective project to which millions of volunteers are joining, mobilised to receive us with arms open.

We must fulfil a common mission and always put first the general interest of Peace and Nonviolence above our own personal interests.


1/  To respect the laws, norms, uses, customs and traditions.

I promise to respect the laws and norms of each one of the countries through which we pass and to not consume at any time products that, according to the laws and rules of the country in which we find ourselves, can be considered illicit or alter our behaviour and our perceptions.  The March will be carried out without narcotics of any kind and with moderate consumption of alcohol and other such substances.  Therefore, I promise to bear in mind and respect the uses and customs, social codes and dress of the peoples we are visiting.

2/ To respect the organisation of the mission.

I promise to respect the organisation of the mission with punctuality, discipline and flexibility in my vegetative habits.  For example, I am aware that sometimes I will have to get up early, to travel overnight or walk several kilometres per day, among other things.

3/ Food and lodging

In some cities a local organising committee of the WM will support our action, helping us in different ways with lodging and food.  When needed, I am willing to collaborate in the tasks of cooking and cleaning, and to sleep on the floor or on a camp bed.

In places where we have no support, we will stay in hotels and hostels and I will fit in with the meals of the place.

4/  Security

It is planned that stewards wearing security jackets will guide the marchers in their movement.  I promise to follow their advice especially when crossing roads and respecting the passers-by that we will find in our path, advancing in single file if necessary so as to not disturb people.

Each Marcher is responsible at all times for their belongings and themselves and will have to carry sufficient food and drink for the whole day when required.

5/ Finances

I take responsibility for covering the costs that the journey implies and the transport options that I choose. If there are delays in transferring money, the costs of tickets and hotels may increase, I will take responsibility for covering the difference.

6/ Etiquette

I promise; to accept what is offered by our hosts and supporters (if we follow a diet, we will be responsible for it); to be grateful for the accommodation that we are offered and I promise to leave the places through which we pass as clean or cleaner than when we arrived; to act without violence and to not be rude in any moment; to respect the ideas and opinions of others, without demanding, for any reason, that they be at our service.  I promise to represent the values of Peace and Nonviolence that we wish to spread throughout our journey.

7/ Health

As a participant I take responsibility for my health and I must have an insurance policy that covers repatriation, if necessary.  Out of respect for the group and human dignity, I promise to maintain a level of hygiene that is acceptable for everyone.

8/ Infringements

Any non-compliance will be communicated to the organisers, who will constitute a committee of 3 people, Rafael de la Rubia, Base Team Coordinator, Marco Inglessis, Base Team Organiser, and a third member to be chosen by the BT.  For the most important decisions, the organisers will be able to consult other members of the team.  In case of non-compliance considered to be serious, repeated or otherwise, the organisers will be able to bring it to the Base Team's attention.  If the objectives of the WM are put in danger it may be suggested that the person leaves the Base Team.  In case of exclusion or other action that has the same effect, the person who has committed the infringement or non-compliance must bear the resulting costs (in particular transport, accommodation, food, etc).  The excluded person will not be able to ask for refunds of plane tickets and other transport of the World March that have not been used.

9/ Privacy within the Base Team.

I promise to not divulge internal problems and difficulties of the base team or its members and I ask the team for the same discretion.

10/ Personal projects and privacy within the Base Team

In the case that I have a personal project during the visit (writing a book, photography, blog, etc) where I will use images, audio, videos, testimonies, stories involving other members of the BT, I will present the project to the BT coordinators and will ask for written authorisation from the members that appear and the BT coordination team.

I have complete freedom to comment and publicise my own experiences, photos, videos, etc, but I promise to respect the privacy of all the members of the team except for those from which I have explicit consent.

11/ Diaries and productions

On a daily basis video, audio, photos and press will be prepared for the media.  There will also be a WM documentary with everything filmed.  I accept to appear in these images, diaries and documentaries as a member of the Base Team. ®2024 | Last change: 08:00 - 01/01/1970 (UTC/GMT) | Resolution : 1024/768 | top
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